The Differences Between Basic Firearm Safety And CCW Training

Posted on: 22 June 2023

Basic firearms safety and CCW training are two types of education used for firearms. While both types of training have the same goal of using a firearm safely, there are big differences between the two programs. That's why it will help to know the differences between the two safety programs so that you know what to expect.

Legal Aspects Training

A CCW training course will focus on the legal differences when carrying and concealing a firearm. It will cover all of the regulations associated with concealed carry permits and all the differences that can come up in different jurisdictions regarding the law. For example, there are states that do not have concealed carry laws, so it will not always apply anywhere you go in the country. 

Real-World Self-Defense Training

What makes CCW training unique is that it provides real-world training for individuals specifically with regard to self-defense. You learn more than the fundamental rules of firearm handling and cover the things you need to consider when making a decision in a stressful environment. The goal of carrying a concealed weapon is to potentially respond to a threat if necessary, which is why a lot of the training discusses different situations where they can happen.

Concealment Techniques 

A basic firearm safety class will teach you how to transport a gun legally and safely with the basic permit that you have. This includes tips like how you should always point the gun in a safe direction, even when it is in a case. CCW training will take things a step further with how to appropriately conceal your firearm. This includes learning how to holster a firearm so that it can be accessed quickly if needed, and tips to avoid accidentally revealing a concealed firearm.

Threat Assessment Techniques

There is a lot that goes into CCW training when it comes to threat assessments. A CCW permit holder will need to know how to de-escalate a situation, as well as assess when it is appropriate to use lethal force in a life-threatening situation. It is difficult to prepare for a real-world situation, so plenty of training is offered in this area so that you are prepared. 

Practice Drills

Live-fire exercises will also be offered as a way to simulate scenarios you may see in the real world. These drills incorporate targeting while moving, which involves accuracy and speed to ensure the safety of bystanders. They are crucial skills that must be used when the day comes to use a concealed firearm.