• Tips for Being Successful in a Trolling Excursion

    One of the things that many people appreciate about fishing is that there are many styles for you to try. While some people enjoy casting from the shore, others favor the challenge of standing in the water while fly fishing. If you have access to a boat and you're interested in trying a different type of fishing, trolling might be of interest to you. The premise of trolling is to let out a lure and your line behind the boat and move along at a slow or moderate pace, which will allow your lure to move through the water — and, ideally, result in some bites.
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  • Participating In A Handgun Qualification License Class

    If you live in a region that requires you to take a handgun qualification license (HQL) class to own a gun, you must complete the requirements prior to purchasing a gun that is going to be used for recreational use. A session may encompass one day and be broken down into several segments, which pertain to the laws governed in your home state, the proper storage and usage of a firearm, and how to load and unload a gun.
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