Going On Vacation? 2 Tips For Renting A Surfboard On Your Trip

Posted on: 13 December 2022

While planning a vacation, you may know what kind of activities you want to enjoy after figuring out a location. Staying close to a beach makes it easy to enjoy water-based activities. This makes it an ideal time to go surfing, even if you have never surfed before.

When you do not have a surfboard to bring along, you will need to get one there. Many areas with popular surf spots nearby will have surfboard rentals. Although you can rent a surfboard easily, you will benefit from considering several details to ensure a positive experience.

Board Type

Surfboards have ample variety, which means you will find numerous differences between each model. This can make it a little tricky to rent a board because you may not know what to prioritize. An easy place to start is with the length, which will determine whether you are renting a short or longboard. You will appreciate a longboard for a few reasons as a beginner.

A longboard is easier to use, especially for a beginner, despite its length. Most shortboards maximize maneuverability and enable tricks, which experienced surfers often utilize. A longboard excels in its ability to paddle through the water and easily catch waves.

Another factor to consider is the surfboard material. Both fiberglass and foam are popular surfboard materials, so you will likely choose between the two. In most cases, you want to prioritize a foam board because of several key benefits, especially for beginners. A foam surfboard has higher buoyancy, which makes it easier to float through moving water.

Foam is also advantageous in being light and safer to manage. The last thing you want to happen is to lose control of a fiberglass board and have it hit a friend or someone nearby.


 Renting a surfboard is all you need to begin surfing. However, you may want to rent a wetsuit simultaneously to guarantee a comfortable experience. While a trip to the tropics may not warrant a wetsuit rental, you will likely appreciate having one for a west coast adventure. This becomes even truer if you travel in colder months when ocean water is naturally colder.

A full-body wetsuit is an excellent rental choice alongside a surfboard when you want a comfortable surfing experience in colder waters.

Following these tips when renting a surfboard on vacation will ensure you pick the right one and have a great time.

To learn more, contact a surfboard rental service in your area.