How Horse Shelters Can Benefit Your Horses Or Livestock

Posted on: 7 March 2022

Do you have one or more horses on your property to take care of? The horses might spend the bulk of the time running around your land, but perhaps you also have a horse stall or an enclosed space to put the horse when the weather is bad or when it's time to sleep or rest. But for best results when it comes to the health and lifespan of your horse, you might want to look into building a more expansive horse shed or horse shelter. Here's how horse shelters can benefit your horse or other livestock.

More Room Will Lead to a Mentally Healthy Horse

Keeping your horse in a smaller stall is not good long term for the mental health of the horse. Horses can get anxiety when stuck in a small space. A small stall might be fine and help your horse get into the habit of resting or sleeping when it's time to wind down for the day. But if the horse has to stay in the stall for a longer period of time, it will begin to get restless and that can lead to more serious issues.

More Room Will Allow Your Horse to Move Around or Exercise a Bit Even When the Weather is Bad

A horse shelter can come in a variety of different sizes, but just about any shelter you look into building will be much bigger than a single stall. This can be beneficial to your horse if the weather is bad for an extended amount of time or you just don't have the ability to take the horse out for a stretch of time. The horse will be able to move back and forth to different locations within the shelter to stretch their legs and get at least a bit of physical exercise.

Horse Shelters or Sheds Can Offer More Ventilation Than a Small Stall

Another issue with basic horse stalls is that they are not very well ventilated because the space is mostly enclosed. A horse shed or shelter will have more open sides and it will be easier for fresh air to circulate throughout the area. This could keep the air in the area healthier for the horse to breathe or help maintain a more comfortable temperature.

If your horse is stuck inside a small stall from time to time, consider an upgrade by contacting a horse shelter builder near you. A horse shelter can improve your horse's mental and physical health and give the horse's owner more peace of mind about the horse's general level of care.