Three Ways To Use A Center Console Boat's Swim Platform

Posted on: 2 December 2021

When you're evaluating different center console boats so that you can find the right model to buy, it's important to be aware of every different feature that is present. While you might initially focus on the features around the cockpit of the boat, features that are farther away — including on the boat's exterior — are also important to think about. You'll find some center console boats that are equipped with a swim platform. This is a small platform that sits at the rear of the boat and is positioned just above the waterline. Here are three ways to use this handy feature.


As its name suggests, a center console boat's swim platform is a valuable feature for people who are swimming. If you anticipate that members of your family will do a lot of swimming while you're on the water, you should try to buy a boat that has a swim platform. Its presence will make it considerably easier for people to climb back into the boat after they've been in the water. It can sometimes be difficult to climb over the side of the boat, especially if it's high above the water. Any swimmer should be able to pull themselves up onto the swim platform and then step into the boat.


While a swim platform's biggest value comes when people are swimming, this feature is also useful when you're fishing. You can fish from several positions on your center console boat, but it's common to fish from the back of the boat. Sometimes, you'll reel a fish up to the boat but struggle to get it into your net because you can't reach it. A simple solution is to step down onto the swim platform so that you can more easily reach the fish. If you're fishing with a partner, one person might descend to the swim platform while the other stays in the boat.


In some cases, you may even wish to use your center console boat's swim platform for the purpose of storage. While you'll need to secure anything that you place on this platform, you'll appreciate the extra storage space that it provides when your boat is filled with people or you're carrying a lot of items. For example, you might place a cooler on the platform and hold it in place with a couple of bungee cords. The contents of the cooler will be within easy reach, but also not in your way when you move around the boat.

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