Safely Storing Your Kayak

Posted on: 13 October 2021

Kayaking can be an excellent way to spend time in nature while also allowing you to get a vigorous workout. When you are not using the kayak, it will need to be properly stored. Otherwise, there is a much greater chance of the kayak suffering damage while it is being kept.

Minimize Sun Exposure

As you are deciding where to keep the kayak until you need it, the amount of sunlight that it will receive may not be a major factor that you think you need to review. However, prolonged exposure to sunlight can contribute to major damage occurring to the hull of the kayak. In particular, it can contribute to the color of the kayak fading as well as the hull potentially becoming more brittle.

Prevent Water from Accumulating In The Kayak

Prolonged moisture exposure can be another potential source of damage to the kayak that you are storing. In particular, it can be possible for the kayak to become filled with water. This can cause severe damage to the interior of the kayak if the water is not removed. Whenever you are storing your kayak for a prolonged period of time, you should make sure that it is placed somewhere that is protected from rain. Storing the kayak upside down can help to reduce the risk of water splashing or blowing into the kayak when it is being stored.

Invest In A Suitable Kayak Storage Rack Or Storage Facility

Preventing body damage to the kayak is one of the most important steps for you when storing it for long periods of time. Having a suitable rack can allow you to safely store your kayak at your home. However, it will require a substantial amount of space in your garage or other storage areas. For this reason, it is common for individuals to use a kayak storage provider. These services can have the infrastructure to safely store your kayak so you do not have to dedicate a large amount of space to it.

Improperly storing your kayak can be a mistake that may contribute to it experiencing substantial damage. Unfortunately, some kayak owners that will not know how to store their kayak. Keeping the kayak protected against sunlight and water exposure can help you to minimize the risk of needing expensive repairs, and a kayak storage provider can spare you from taking up valuable space in your home storing this vessel.