What To Expect At Your First Surfing Lesson

Posted on: 26 February 2021

If you have always wanted to try surfing, then enrolling in surfing lessons is the right way to start. You may envision yourself popping up and riding waves into shore during your first lesson, but that's not typically how things go. Learning to surf takes a lot of time and patience, so it's important to realize that your first lesson will be all about building the foundation and basic skills you need to move on from there. Here's an overview of what to expect during your first surfing lesson.

1. Time on the Sand

You won't just be handed a board and taken into the water. First, your instructor will likely spend some time with you in the sand. Here, with the board stable and on dry land, you will learn things like how to position your body properly on the board, how to paddle properly, and how to pop up. Your instructor may have you practice each of these moves a few times so that when you're out in the water and your nerves are running a little high, you can recall them better. 

2. Using a Longboard

If you're picturing yourself riding the waves on a svelte, professional board, then you might be a little disappointed when your instructor pulls out a bulky longboard for you to practice on. But rest assured; this is the type of board you need at this stage. Longboards float better. They give you more leeway as to how your body is positioned, and they make you less likely to tip off when popping up. There will be plenty of time to move up to a shorter board later, but for now, just remind yourself that the longboard has a lot to teach you.

3. Popping Up

Once you've learned the basics on land, a good part of the rest of your first lesson will be spent learning to pop up — or stand up on the board as you catch a wave. This is truly the first step in learning how to surf, so you can't learn much more until you get the hang of it. Don't worry; there are a few different ways to teach popping up, and most instructors will work their way down the list of tricks until they find one that works for you.

Often, the first lesson ends when you've learned to pop up. The next lesson will involve more surfing and surf skills, so be sure to stick with it. Reach out to a professional to start surfing lessons