Why Use A Use A Firearm Transfer Service

Posted on: 6 January 2021

Do you have a firearm that you are looking to sell, but are not sure of the proper way to do it? If so, consider using a firearm transfer service to handle the transaction for you. Selling a firearm isn't as simple as creating a listing online and arranging a transaction somewhere. You will need professional help to ensure that it is done properly. A transfer service can provide you with many benefits that will help the sale of your firearm go smoothly.

Buyer Identification

One of your main concerns when selling a firearm to a potential buyer might be that you are selling it to the correct person. However, that requires a lot of work on your part to verify their identity. A firearm transfer service is able to verify the identity of the buyers so that you know they are exactly who they say they are, removing any doubt about their real identity. 

Criminal Background Checking 

Another huge concern when selling a firearm is if the person you are selling to can legally purchase a gun. This is another perk of a firearm transfer service since a background check can be performed on the buyers at the county, state, and federal levels. This will ensure that you are not selling a firearm to someone that isn't supposed to have one, which can give you peace of mind about your transaction.

Digital Record-Keeping

Part of selling a firearm means that you need to keep a record of who you sold the firearm to, since you may be requested to give that information to legal authorities in the future. By using a firearm transfer service, they are going to do the job of keeping that digital record of the firearm transfer. There will not be any concerns about having to keep the paperwork in a safe place, since you are paying a transfer service to take care of it for you. 

Bill of Sale Generation

A nice perk of using a firearm transfer service is that you are going to get an official bill of sale when the transaction is complete. This can be a nice way to make the transfer process look very professional as the seller. The buyer may appreciate having a legitimate bill of sale that will not be questioned if they need to present it to someone at a later date.

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