Having A Kid's Birthday Party? What You're Going To Need

Posted on: 20 March 2019

If you're tired of cramming people into your home for your child's birthday party, it may be time to use a venue for the party instead. There is a bit of a convenience to having the party at home, as you don't have to lug all of your supplies, gifts, decorations, and other items anywhere, but there is also a convenience to having the party elsewhere as well. Having the party at a venue allows you to have more people at the party without worrying about them all fitting into your home. If you're planning on having a kid's birthday party at an event venue, there are things you're going to need. Read on for some helpful information.

What Does The Venue Offer?

Is the party in an open room or is it somewhere that may offer food? Ask the sales rental person what all is offered with the venue. Is food and dessert offered? Is there a kitchen that can be used along with the party, a refrigerator/stove, or other place that can be used to cook or store food that you bring in? Also, ask what else may be offered with the facility. If there is a play place or some sort of play area attached, ask what may be offered with it, how long the kids can play, and what ages/amount of kids can you have playing in the play area.

What Can Be Brought In?

Some facilities limit the type of food that can be brought in, or may limit the type of decorations that can be brought in. Ask the facility beforehand if you can bring in that pinata and super sized walking balloons so you aren't turned down at the door for bringing in these items. You also should ask if candles are acceptable for the cake. 

What Type Of Cleaning Has To Be Done?

Some facilities may require that you clean up afterwards or you may be charged a cleaning fee. Find out this policy beforehand and where the trash receptacles are located in addition to where the cleaning supplies are located. Get all of this information beforehand so you aren't charged a fee. If there is a contract that you signed, make sure this information is in the contract.

If you are planning on having a children's party at a venue, make sure you get all of the information beforehand so you know exactly what is included and what is allowed. For more information, check with birthday party venues in your area.