4 Tips For Marketing Your Cannabis Dispensary On Social Media

Posted on: 24 February 2019

Even though you might have already started advertising your cannabis dispensary in different ways, you could be wondering if there are other marketing steps that you can take to help get the word out about your dispensary. Using social media as a platform for marketing your dispensary can be very helpful, and it's possible with the help of these four tips.

1. Be Aware of the Rules of the Platform

First of all, you should make sure that you are aware of the rules of the social media platform that you are hoping to use. There are still rules out there on some social networks related to cannabis marketing and cannabis-related material, and you don't want to break these rules. Therefore, taking the time to read the terms and conditions or even reaching out to someone from the social network to find out what you can and cannot post is always a good idea.

2. Add Lots of Pictures

Adding pictures to your social media page is probably going to grab a lot more attention than just posting text. People are sure to appreciate seeing colorful, good-quality photos of the inside and outside of your marijuana dispensary, the products that you sell and more.

3. Provide a Lot of Information

Of course, even though pictures are great, it's good to share information on your social media platforms as well. Along with providing information about your dispensary -- such as where it's located, what hours your business is open, whether or not you offer delivery and what types of products you offer -- you should also provide information about marijuana in general. For example, some readers may want to learn about the difference between CBD and THC or the difference between indica and sativa plants. If people know that they can come to your dispensary's social media pages for this information, they might feel like they can benefit from visiting your dispensary over others, too.

4. Get Help from a Marijuana Marketing Firm

Marijuana marketing firms are usually experienced in helping dispensaries with their social media marketing. Contact one of these firms, and you might find that one of them can help you.

Just as you can benefit from advertising many other types of businesses on social media, you can benefit from advertising your cannabis dispensary on the popular social media sites as well. Follow the four tips above to make the most of doing so.