Your First Time Trying Cannabis Edibles

Posted on: 21 December 2018

Even if you have smoked cannabis in the past, edibles represent a whole new adventure. Consuming marijuana affects the body in a different way than smoking it. The high affects your body more, lasts longer, and can be more psychogenic. If you'll soon be trying cannabis edibles for the first time, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Try the edibles in a safe, relaxing environment.

Weed makes some people paranoid. Even if you were never paranoid when you smoked weed, there is a potential for this effect when you consume the edibles. To reduce the risk of paranoia setting in, make sure you are in a calm and relaxing environment before you indulge. Your own home, perhaps with a few friends, is a good choice. Do not take the edibles in a busy, public place like the mall — at least the first time. The hustle and the bustle can make you feel anxious and can ruin the experience.

2. Eat less than 5 mg of THC.

Everyone reacts a bit differently to the THC in edibles. Some people only need 3 mg to feel an effect, while others need 6 mg or more. It's so easy to take too much, at least the first time when you don't know how your body will react. A safe way to start is to take less than 5 mg your first time. Wait two hours to see how you feel. (It can take a while to kick in, especially if you have eaten a large meal recently.) If the effects are not intense enough after 2 hours, you can take another 2 -3 mg of THC.

3. Don't go it alone.

Find a trusted friend who will either consume the edibles with you or hang out with you sober while you try the edibles. This way, if you end up feeling anxious or paranoid at some time during the experience, this person can help calm you down. Find a book or video that makes you feel relaxed, and set it aside. Tell your friend to read it to you (or play the video) if you start acting anxious.

4. Don't pair the edibles with anything else.

Some people like combining cannabis edibles with alcohol. However, you should not do this your first time because you don't yet know how you will react to the edibles. Do not pair your edibles with any medications either, as this could be potentially dangerous.

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