Curious About Vaping? Here's The Basics And How To Get Started

Posted on: 7 September 2018

The vaping craze has taken over the smoking community by storm in recent years and caused quite a change in the industry itself. More and more people seem to be switching from traditional smoking to vaping, and vape shops are becoming more popular in local communities. If you are new to vaping, here are the basics you should know and how to get started.

What Is Vaping?

Vaping or vaporizing is defined as the act of inhaling vapors from herbs, concentrates, or flavored e-juices that are placed into a cartridge or e-cigarette. Having come a long way through history, inhaling vapors from herbs is an ancient practice that can be dated back thousands of years ago to Egypt. The first commercialized e-cigarette was released in 2003 by pharmacist Hon Lik in Bejing, China. 

Types of E-cigarettes and E-juices

There are three basic types of e-cigarettes: cig-a-likes, otherwise known as first generation e-cigarettes, vape pens, and mods or APVs (Advanced Personal Vaporizers). Cig-a-likes closely resemble traditional cigarettes in appearance and size, giving it's users an authentic "smoking" experience. These are more basic devices, and though they are usually rechargeable, the battery life is less than that of more current devices.

Like other e-cigarettes, cig-a-likes come in both refillable and disposable options. The second generation of these devices are vape pens; featuring a slightly larger design, longer battery life, and e-juice capacity. Vape pens operate by means of a manual battery and release heat needed to create the vapor with the touch of a button. If your looking for a completely customized vaping experience, the most advanced and current of the e-cigarettes are APVs. APVs are heavy duty, with a larger design that are either cylindrical or more box-shaped. APVs allow you to fully customize and control your vaping experience with advanced features such as a temperature control, battery usage settings, and a more dense vapor release.

These can be expensive and are not typically recommended for beginners, and since they offer so many options and custom controls, they're better for a more seasoned vape user. Lastly are the e-juices; this is the liquid inside of the atomizer being heated to create the vapor that is inhaled. E-juices come in nicotine and non-nicotine varieties, and hundreds of different flavors to choose from. The base consists of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and food grade flavorings.

Finding the Right Setup

One place to start is by checking out a local vape store. Employees will often be able to help you find the right products based on your preferences, and have everything there to set you up with the right beginner package. You can also shop online for any vaporizing devices you'll need. 

Many brands now offer a beginner kit that comes with everything you'll need to get started and familiarize yourself with their product, experiment, and see what you like best. Make sure that when you get a new vape, you find out what type of maintenance it will need and how to clean it properly. This will save you lots of money in the long run if you decide to take up vaping as a hobby.

Although vaping is considered a better alternative to smoking tobacco, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is healthy or risk-free. Though there are quick and constant advancements, there is still much that is not FDA regulated, and there are unknown health risks to inhaling anything other than oxygen. Staying informed on current regulations and using your vape properly will ensure you get the most out of your experience.