Reasons To Spring For Floor Seats At A Basketball Game

Posted on: 2 February 2018

If you're an avid basketball fan and enjoy attending games, a bucket list item might be to get floor seats. While lower-level seats can have you close to the action, floor seats almost give you the feeling that you're in the action. Floor seats aren't cheap, especially in the professional ranks. If the cost doesn't suit your budget, consider floor seats at the college level or in a lower-level professional league. This might be something that you do only once during your life, but it's an experience that you won't soon forget — and neither will the family members or friends who are lucky enough to join you. Here are some reasons to get basketball floor seats.

A Deeper Appreciation For The Game

Sitting in floor seats at a basketball game can give you a deeper appreciation for the sporting event that you're witnessing. In seats that are farther away, you'll commonly miss the subtle nuances of the game. However, when you're on the floor, these details will be impossible to overlook. Whether it's getting to hear the players communicating to one another, watching a pick play develop, or getting an appreciation for the degree of physicality under the nets are players compete for rebounds, you'll come away appreciating this sport even more.

A Chance For Fun Interactions

Sometimes, fans who are sitting in floor seats will get a chance to enjoy some unique interactions with players. Whether it's getting a chance to say hello to your favorite player after his pregame shoot-around or maybe even grabbing a selfie and a high five with a player after the game, you have a better chance of such interactions when you're seated on the floor than in the regular arena seats. Sometimes, fans in the floor seats will even get crashed into by a player — and, provided no one is hurt, this can be a thrill.

Potential For Being On TV

Fans who have floor seats are commonly in the background on the game's TV broadcasts, which means that if you set your DVR to record the game before you depart for the arena, you'll be excited to watch the broadcast when you get home or the next day. Even if the camera doesn't show you up close, you'll almost certainly see yourself in the background of several shots throughout the game, which can be fun. You may even wish to take some screenshots of the broadcast to share with your friends.

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