Upgrade Your Golf Cart To Run On Knobby Tires

Posted on: 23 January 2018

Instead of renting a golf cart each time you visit your local golf course, it's a smart investment to buy your own. Doing so can pay for itself when you consider how much you're paying in cart rental fees, and you'll also enjoy the ability to customize the cart in whatever manner you see fit. While different accessories can increase your enjoyment of driving your golf cart, you should also consider how it performs. A common performance upgrade to consider is adding knobby tires. Similar in some regards to the tires on off-road vehicles, but not quite as performance based, knobby tires for golf carts can offer several advantages.

More Control On Hilly Terrain

Anyone who has golfed a lot has likely experienced the challenge of controlling a golf cart on hilly terrain. While you should not take your cart too far off the fairway, you'll occasionally be where the ground is uneven. When you have a golf cart with stock tires, their lack of grip may make it difficult to navigate this terrain — that's why you'll sometimes see golfers pushing their cart up an embankment. When you upgrade to tires with better grip, you don't have to go through this embarrassing process.

Easier Acceleration And Deceleration

Golfing in the rain can be a challenge when it comes to stopping and starting your golf cart. Even if it's not raining, wet grass from the morning dew can be slick. Many golfers have the habit of getting in and stomping on the accelerator, which can cause the golf cart's drive wheels to spin on the wet grass — and get some admonishing looks from the golfers around you. Knobby wheels will grip better and allow you to get on your way, as well as stop in a smooth and controlled manner when needed.

Better Elevation

Because their treads are thicker than stock tires, knobby tires for your golf cart can actually lift your cart off the ground a little higher than it would otherwise be. If your cart runs low to the ground, you may occasionally bottom out when you encounter uneven terrain. Being even a few inches higher can make bottoming out much less of a risk. The higher you are, additionally, the less wet grass clippings will fly up and potentially get stuck your pants. This issue can be common soon after the golf course's grass has been cut and when you're riding in a low golf cart.

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