4 Supplies That Will Make Your Fishing Charter Trip More Memorable

Posted on: 20 November 2017

If you are vacationing somewhere new, and you love to fish, it can be difficult to discover the best fishing spots on your own. A great way to get a handle on the local fishing culture is by taking a fishing charter. This allows you to find out where the fish hide out and saves you from renting and navigating new waters on your own. Make your fishing charter trip more memorable by bringing along the right supplies, such as:

#1 Right Clothing

Keep in mind that you are going out on the water, probably early in the day. Wearing the right clothing will make your trip more enjoyable. If you have water proof pants and a rain jacket, these are the best outerwear clothing to wear, as they will not retain moisture if you get splashed with water.

Under your rain gear, you are going to want to dress in layers. If it is really cold where you are at, you may want to wear flannel under your outfit. If it is not that cold, dress in simple layers like a t-shirt and sweater under your raincoat.

Bring along a hat with a strap that will stay on your head. Bring along some sunglasses as well, as the sun can reflect brightly off the water.

#2 Fishing Gear

If you can bring your own fishing gear, you may have some better luck out on the water with fishing gear that you are comfortable with. Ask the charter company if you can bring your own fishing gear, and find out what types of lures that you need to bring with you. The fishing charter may provide you with some supplies, but getting to bring along some of your own may make the trip more memorable.

#3 Camera

Bring along a water-proof disposable camera. This will allow you to take pictures without worrying about dropping or destroying an expensive smartphone or digital camera. Waterproof disposable cameras cost a little more than their regular disposable counterpart but are a great way to get some awesome pictures of new locations and places on your fishing charter without having to keep track of an expensive electronic device.

#4 Ice Chest

Finally, you are going to need somewhere to store all that fish. Find out if the charter company has an ice chest for you to store the fish when you are on the boat. If they don't, bring an ice-chest with you on the boat. If they have somewhere to store your fish while you are on the boat, make sure that you have an ice chest ready at your vehicle to store the fish when you are done with your charter.

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