Rely On These Snacks To Keep You On Track With Weight Loss

Posted on: 27 September 2017

Regardless of the specific details of the nutrition plan that you're following, you likely have a goal as to why you're eating in this manner. For many people, a carefully developed nutrition plan is integral to losing weight. While the plan may focus on healthy and nourishing options for meals, you want to ensure that your snacking doesn't get you off track. Even if you eat three healthy meals per day, you may not achieve your desired result of losing weight if your snacks are less than optimal. Here are three readily available snacks that can help you to keep on track:


Don't discount the apple as a valuable snack food for when you're trying to eat healthy in order to lose weight. A mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack of an apple can easily tide you over until your next meal. Or, if you have an apple in the evening, it can help you to avoid craving unhealthy chips or ice cream before bedtime. An apple is ideal, in part, because of its high concentration of fiber — and you'll get the most fiber if you leave the apple peel on. Fiber's chief benefit when you're trying to lose weight is that it fills you up, which means that you'll be less apt to snack on something that is bad for you.


Avocados share some similarities with apples, despite the fact that these two healthy snack foods are distinctly different. An avocado will help to fill you up, too, but not because of fiber. Rather, this green food is high in fats that will make you feel full and less interested in grabbing another snack before your next meal. Don't be concerned about hearing that an avocado is a high-fat food — its fat is healthy and nourishes your body, unlike fried foods. The key to eating an avocado as a snack is to avoid adding anything unhealthy to it. Some people enjoy eating it sliced with some pepper, while others mash it and add some lime juice and diced onion.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is full of healthy fats and is thus valuable for helping you to feel full. Additionally, because of its consistency, it can potentially help you to avoid craving unhealthy things such as ice cream. When you shop for Greek yogurt, you should ideally buy the unsweetened variety. You can then add fresh or frozen berries of your choice to provide a tasty and healthy between-meals snack.

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