5 Essentials For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Posted on: 29 August 2017

If you are planning your first outdoor adventure, whether it is something as simple as a day hike or something more complex like a paddling trip, knowing the basics to take with you can be overwhelming. No matter what type of adventure you have planned, there are some essentials that you should never leave home without. The following can help you get them all together:

#1: Navigation

The type of navigation aids you bring depends on your adventure. If you are planning backcountry trip, then you need to have a hard copy map and compass, as well as the training to use it, since electronic maps may not work. For a day trip, you may be able to get away with downloading a map to your phone or GPS (don't depend on getting a cell signal), but you should also bring a pocket charger pack to make sure the phone doesn't die when you need navigation most.

#2: Water

For a short trip, bring more water than you think you will need – especially if temperatures will be hot. A 2 to 3-liter soft-sided hydration pack that slips into a day pack is a popular option. For a longer trip or in really hot conditions, consider adding a couple of extra 1 liter bottles. For longer trips, bring in some water but also secure a method for purifying stream or lake water.

#3: First aid

A simple first aid kit is a must, as well as the knowledge on how to use everything. Many outdoor stores sell pre-assembled kits for different outdoor activities. At a minimum, pack bandages, tick removers, antihistamines, and something to create a sling. It's also a good idea to toss an emergency whistle and a pocket knife into your first aid kit.

#4: Weather protection

This depends on what you are doing and the possible weather issues. Rain coats, sunblock, insect repellent, and warm clothing all fall into this category. Even on a day trip, you should bring any items you need if you get stuck outside overnight, especially since in many areas temperatures plummet to dangerous levels at night.

#5: Food

Food goes a long way toward staving off desperation if you find yourself lost or in a situation where you need help. Bring along some extra food, at least enough to last 24 extra hours, on any adventure. Protein bars, nuts, and dried fruit, or dehydrated camping meals are all good options. Also, make sure you bring a way to heat the food or at least start a fire for warmth. Some waterproof matches or even a small pocket stove can provide some comfort.

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