5 Reasons For Your Kids To Take Break Dance Lessons

Posted on: 28 June 2017

When signing your kids up for various activities, from karate to painting, you may not have considered break dance lessons. Break dancing is creative, high energy, and athletic, and even kids who aren't interested in other forms of dance tend to enjoy it. Here are five great reasons for your kids to take break dance lessons:

Break Dancing is Great Exercise

Break dancing gets kids' hearts racing and is a very high energy dance form, making it a very effective form of exercise. Instead of playing video games, watching TV, or other sedentary activities, your kids will be doing something that involves movement, coordination, and agility. And since break dancing is so fun, it won't feel like forced exercise to your kids.

Break Dancing Improves Team Work

While your child may want to start out with individual lessons in order to get the basics of break dancing down, ultimately break dancing is a very team-oriented dance form. Once your child becomes more confident in their break dancing ability, they can join a break dancing team, learn to encourage their team mates and set team goals, and even perform in break dancing competitions or battles. 

Break Dancing Gives Them an Outlet for Energy

All those flips and headstands take a ton of energy, which is a great benefit for parents of high energy kids. Since break dancing can be practiced inside or outdoors, it is a great way to get your kids' energy out even during the winter months when they may otherwise be cooped up inside without an adequate outlet for their energy.

Break Dancing Teaches Creativity

Once your child has the basics down, they will be encouraged to put their own unique spin on their moves, and even come up with their own break dancing combinations. This emphasis on creativity is a nice balance to more structured learning at school, allowing your kids to become more well-rounded.

Break Dancing Boosts Confidence

As your child masters difficult moves or complex combinations, and bonds with their break dancing teammates, you may notice that their confidence and self esteem improves. Break dancing is also a unique skill that few of their classmates are likely to share, which can help your child feel special and give a further boost to their confidence.

By signing your kids up for break dancing lessons, you are ensuring they have fun while also enjoying these great benefits.