Benefits Of A Cerakote Knife

Posted on: 25 June 2017

A good knife is one of the ultimate tools when out in the wilderness. If you have a good blade, then you can accomplish just about anything. There are many different kinds of knives that you can buy: fixed blade, folding, skinning knives, and the list goes on. No matter what type of knife you decide you are going to get, one of the most important aspects of the knife is the steel. If you get a knife that has too hard a steel then you may not be able to sharpen it once it is dull. However, if you do not get hard enough steel, then you may have to continually sharpen it. Another aspect of the blade that you should consider is if you would like a protective coating. Protective coatings will often increase the life of your blade. This article is going to go over a few aspects of cerakote knives, and why you should seriously consider a cerakote knife as your wilderness companion:

What Is Cerakote

Most of the time you will get a knife that is treated in a specific way. With guns, you will either have stainless steel or a blued rifle. These are treated in such a way as to create a thin protective layer. With blued steel, the protective layer is magnetite while a stainless steel is more like a chromium protective layering. Cerakote is a ceramic coat that protects the blade. Hence the name cer- for ceramic, and kote- as in coat. The cerakote protective layer is very good at protecting the blade from things such as salt water and rust. So in short, cerakote is a way to protect the steel from corroding. 


One aspect of cerakote knives that is often overlooked is that they can make a blade extremely attractive. They perform a utilitarian role, yes, but some of the blades that are treated with this particular type of coating are exquisite. The blade can be treated with almost any color of cerakote and applied in almost any design. You will be able to customize your knife at the same time as protecting it. There are many manufacturers that will apply the coating on for you, or you can get it done as an aftermarket accessory. No matter what you choose, you can ultimately protect the blade and customize your knife at the same time. Look at blades that have had the protective layering applied, and decide for yourself if you like it.  

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