Shopping For A Gift? Six Types Of People Who Might Love An Electric Scooter Cooler

Posted on: 5 June 2017

Many people live their whole lives believing that there is nothing better in the world than a cooler full of frosty beer in the summertime. Surprisingly, however, one invention may just beat the iconic beer cooler—an electric scooter cooler.

This is a cooler attached to a scooter. You pack it full of drinks and cold treats. Then, you jump on the cooler, grab the handlebars in front of you, and go where you like.

If you're trying to buy holiday or birthday gift for someone in your life, you may want to consider an electric scooter cooler. Here's a look at the type of people who might love this gift.

1. People who Spend Time at the Beach

If someone on your gift list spends a lot of time at the beach or on the lake, a scooter cooler may be ideal. Lugging towels, coolers, sunblock, books, swim toys, and countless other items from the car to the beach can be a long, annoying, drawn out process. A scooter cooler helps with all of that. Simply, load everything into a backpack, sit on the cooler, and ride to your spot on the beach effortlessly.

2. People Who Do a Lot of Camping

Similarly, an electric scooter cooler is ideal for carrying items to the campsite. It also offers a helpful way to get around the campsite. That's ideal for anyone who is too tired to walk to the showers or who wants to bring a few drinks to another campsite.

Note however that there are weight limits on most electric cooler scooters. If you are buying the scooter with the intent that the recipient will ride it regularly, you should take note of the maximum loading capacity, and remember that generally includes the weight of the cooler and its contents as well as the weight of the rider.

3. People Who Don't Like Gas-Powered Cooler Scooters

Not all cooler scooters are electric. Some models are gas powered. If you know someone with a gas powered cooler scooter who doesn't like filling it up with gas or who doesn't like the fumes, you may want to buy them an electric model as a replacement. Then, they simply need to charge the battery, and they never have to worry about getting little cans of gas from the gas station either.

4. People Who Want to Move Beer Around Inside

If you know someone who exhibits at trade shows, sells food at indoor festivals, or attends a lot of high school sporting events, you may also want to consider buying them an electric cooler scooter. It offers a fabulous way to move cold snacks and soda through an indoor facility. As long as the event coordinator is okay with the scooter, it's completely safe to run inside. The electrical motor is the same as the ones used on mobility scooters in grocery stores.

5. People Who Work Outside

An electric scooter is also terribly convenient for people who work outside. A contractor could use this scooter to ride along a building site and hand out complimentary lunches to his employees. A farmer could use it to take food out to the field to have lunch while he's working.

6. People Who Like to Have Fun

If someone on your gift list falls into the above categories, they have an immediate use for a cooler scooter, but those certainly aren't the only people who might like such a gift. If you know anyone who likes fun and adventure, you may want to consider gifting them one of these scooters. From drifting to dipping in for a drink, these scooters offer lots of unique fun.